Testing approach Edit

The QaSpace test plug-in was created keeping the process of manual testing in mind. (Automated testing support was added through an API, but the focus is on manual tests).

Manual testing process typically begins with writing a lot of tests according to plans, then executing these tests as the implementation progresses. This can be iterated as new requirements come in project scope, and new releases become available and to be tested.


To augment this process the best, we're providing two different views on the project tests: one that augments mass test case writing the best, and one that supports organizing and executing the tests. A third view offers up-to-date statistics on the current status of testing, always available for monitoring the process.

Test structuring Edit

Not all tests are created equal - some are manual tests, some are automated; some are related to features, some are more like testing non-functional requirements.

For this, you will need means to structure tests, and not only in one perspective.

We are offering you several means to organize your tests in a flexible way. The first, and maybe most important way is using the organizer structure.

Library structure

Organizer structure in the Library view

The organizer structure is much like a file folder structure - test are placed in folders, which in turn can be included in folders. You can use this the way it fits you most - you can group your tests by functionality, test type, responsibility, or release.

Keep in mind, however, that you have additional tools - labels, filters, test runs, priority - which can be used for similar, but more specific criteria.

Ex str
The same structure in the Execute view

There are cases when you will need to display, and do operations on all the tests located in a branch (or the whole project), not limited only to the contents of a specific folder. Try the dedicated control on the top of the Execute view page to switch between showing tests per folder and through folders.

Execute mode